NUVICO is committed to providing our customers with options that will satisfy both the cost-conscious and the performance-conscious individuals. The simple fact is, the cost of high-featured cameras have grown substantially in the recent years. Now comparable to most entry-level DVRs, they are now surpassing the capabilities of the medium it is being recorded (DVR) and viewed (monitors).With that said, NUVICO introduces the CB-D2N-L, CB-HD2N-L, and the CB-HD6N-L bullet cameras that are equipped only with what is important, and nothing that isn't to add to your bottom line. The 550 TVL of the CB-HD2N-L and CB-HD6N-L bullet cameras provides crystal clear video and color accuracy. And for less than critical areas, the standard resolution CB-D2N-L is the perfect solution. Tight weatherproof seals prevent moisture and dust particles from entering the camera housing making them an ideal solution for indoor as well as outdoor environments. Its features includes....

* 1/3" CCD Sensor
* 380 or 550 TV Lines
* 2.9mm or 6mm Fixed Lens
* Day/Night Functionality
* 30 IR LEDs (Up to 65ft.)
* 12VDC Voltage

2/20/2011 10:43:17 pm

I am interested in obtaining 4 CB HD6N-L cameras. Can you send me a quote for these? Thanks!

6/27/2012 08:29:36 pm

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1/2/2013 06:19:05 am

NEW 1/3″ CCD Dual Scan; 3-axis rotation dome camera;620TVL Wide Dynamic ; Day & Night Slowshutter 0.001LUX; 2.5~10mm Auto Iris Lens; Dual Power: DC12V / AC24V.


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